Landscapes and Still Life.
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ARTS242: Graphic Design 2

Exhibition Catalogue

The purpose of this assignment was to design an exhibition catalogue that presents the paintings of a local artist. The first step to completing this project was to research local artists, whether it was visiting local art museums or by simply browsing the internet. After my research, I decided to design an exhibition catalogue for Thornton Walker’s Australian landscape paintings. I chose this artist and these paintings because I absolutely love the Australian landscape, especially after studying abroad and traveling all over Australia.

Using Adobe InDesign, I was successful in designing Walker’s exhibition catalogue. After reviewing his Australian landscape paintings, I presented eight of my favorites in the catalogue, followed by the title, type of painting, and the size of the painting. My favorite painting, Through the Trees, ‘16, is displayed on the cover page. Please check out my exhibition catalogue by clicking on the catalogue cover page!

Sydney Harbor 5k Logo.
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ARTS242: Graphic Design 2

Sydney 5k Run Brochure

This brochure was one of the major projects, and perhaps my favorite, in my Graphic Design course that I took during my time studying abroad in Sydney, Australia. The purpose of this assignment was to create a brochure to promote a Sydney 5k run. I proudly chose to promote the Sydney Harbour 5k run because they allow people to choose to donate to any of the 16 participanting charities. Some of the participating charities include the Australian Red Cross, the Children’s Cancer Institute, and the Australian Cancer Research Foundation.

For this project, the first step was to create a new logo for the 5k run, followed by a race map (shown in the brochure) using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Once completed, I designed the brochure itself using Adobe InDesign. The theme of the brochure is based off of my initial logo design. Please take a look at the brochure by clicking on the Sydney Harbour 5k logo.


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