Web Design

Projects below include landing pages, microsites, venue websites, and freelance websites.

Landing Pages

These landing pages were all projects during my time at Performics. Clients included Allstate, Verizon, UnitedHealthcare, and Clairol. I contributed to the designs of these pages, and took the lead on developing each of them.


While at Performics, our design team developed microsites for DeVry University and Allstate. These long-term projects shared goals of redesigning for new branding, reducing content, and increasing conversions.

Venue Websites

Projects I worked on at Ticketmaster focused on the redesign and development of WordPress websites for notable small-to-mid size concert venues and clubs around the world.

Freelance Websites

Previous freelance projects include projects for My 3D Mini Me, The DePaul Center for Data Science, and Antonelli Law. I’m currently redesigning a website for SwimMetro, a pool management company.

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