Pet Adoption Hub

This application is for new pet owners who are interested in finding resources to help them become acclimated with their new pet.

Project Motivation

Owning a pet can be a joyous experience, but the initial adjustment period after adoption can be a time of high stress for both the pet owner and new pet. There has also been a growing number of new pet owners during the COVID-19 pandemic. The motivation for this project was to help families get acclimated with their newly adopted pets by providing them with resources they need through all phases of the adoption process.


Project Goals

Goal #1: Clearly understand the needs of new pet owners to provide motivation for the new application.

Goal #2: Organize site categories in a way that best matches user goals and needs.

Goal #3: Users are able to find educational resources they need for taking care of their new pets without needing to use search functions.

Goal #4: Develop a deeper understanding of barriers within the adoption process that could potentially increase pet relinquishment.


To accomplish our project goals, our team conducted the following research methods.
Milestone progress

Project Milestones

View our team’s full project proposal and final report below:


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