User Experience Design

Projects from the Human-Computer Interaction master's program and User Experience Design undergraduate program at DePaul University.

PawPal App

This fictional app is a friendly community for dog owners to connect with one another. Through the app, members can find people to help with dog-sit, dog walking, shopping, dog training, schedule playdates, etc.
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Mood Tracker

Mood Tracker is an online application that helps users improve their quality of life through tracking measurements such as water intake, depression, and anxiety levels. This project was split up into multiple sections in order to improve the user experience of the application:

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First Coast Promotions Redesign

This project was split up into multiple sections: P1A Critique, P1B Design Concept, P2A Critique, and P2B Design Concept. Part 1 sections critiques and redesigns for the home page, the website’s footer, as well as the product listing page. Part 2 focuses on the checkout phase.

Kayak Usability Report

This usability report includes my group’s process throughout usability testing. In the appendices, we included our participant grid, consent form, screener, procedures, as well as the testing protocol. Please take a look at the report to review our usability testing process, as well as our results and recommendations to Kayak on how to improve the website’s interface.

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