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ISM320: Advanced Principles of Interactivity

First Coast Promotions Redesign

For this Interactive and Social Media project, the task was to redesign a website. I chose to critique and redesign First Coast Promotions’ website. First Coast Promotions is a family-owned business which helps companies, organizations, and sports teams find, create, and purchase promotional items.

Before producing the new design concepts (P1B and P2B), I critiqued the website following various design principles (in P1A and P2A), such as consistency, alignment, and constraints. This project was split up into multiple sections: P1A Critique, P1B Design Concept, P2A Critique, and P2B Design Concept. The part 1 sections focused mainly on the home page, the website’s footer, as well as the product listing page. In the part 2 sections, I focused on critiquing and redesigning the checkout phase. I became very familiar with Axure during this project due to the fact that I created all my new designs with the program.

P1A Critique   |    P1B Design Concept

P2A Critique   |   P2B Design Concept

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ISM 360: User-Centered Evaluation

Kayak Usability Report

For this project, our group chose to test and critique the existing Kayak.com website based off functionality to determine if Kayak needed to make changes. The goal of this report was to display our results from our usability tests for Kayak.com. The usability tests helped us find usability problems and determine the amount of user satisfaction and interest with the website. Based on our findings, we provided recommendations on how to improve the website’s interface.

The usability report includes the group’s process throughout usability testing. In the appendices, we included our participant grid, consent form, screener, procedures, as well as the testing protocol. Please take a look at the report to review our usability testing process, as well as our results and recommendations to Kayak on how to improve the website’s interface.


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